A walk in an enchanted forest

6 04 2008

Yesterday I went for a walk in an enchanted forest. Tree fern fronds resembled bird feathers. Small birds twittered and deftly dodged the dense vegetation tangles in flight. Few paths of sunlight penetrated the vegetation, but where they did, light fell on tiny circular leaves moving in the slight breeze, and danced. A huge tree grew horizontally, bark was peeling off and its wood looked strangely and disturbingly like pink human skin. Something big was moving through the forest, I could hear it’s footsteps, it came closer but never arrived. I sat still and quiet for five minutes, the footsteps continued but now marching, slowly on the spot. I never saw the noise’s maker….I was brought back to reality, a car screeched by just metres away from me on Queens Drive…..I’d been in part of the native forest remnant of the town belt. Amazing. And it’s on the doorstep. Mand




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