Visiting Fiona

27 04 2008

Mand and I went to visit Fiona to show her our podcast and video. She and her sister Ione had just finished hand spinning honey from their hives. Cheese scones were toasted and buttered and waiting for us with a cup of hot tea.

Fiona remembered some other native birds that make regular visits to her garden, though not as often as the Bellbirds and Tuis: Riroriro (Gray Warblers), Piwakawaka (Fantails) pied and all black, Miromiro (Tit), Kereru (NZ pigeon) and Pipiwharauroa (Shining Cuckoo). We had some lively conversation and left with gifts: the freshest honey I have ever had and various other presents.

I have a very conversational Tui in my yard that lives in the Eucalyptus tree that overhangs my yard. What an incredible voice he has! I have been trying for weeks to record him for the blog but he’s a cheeky uncooperative bird and seems to know when I have the microphone handy. He only sings when I am late for a meeting and making a mad dash to the car: a royal send off when I have been waiting most of the morning with microphone at the ready. I will get him yet. This morning, there were two Bellbirds, two adult Tui, and a juvenile all eating something in the tree, and while I waited with my microphone, NOT A PEEP from any of them!





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