Coffee in the concrete of Cumberland

29 04 2008

Most mornings I prepare breakfast and coffee, then stand in the kitchen on Cumberland while I consume and listen to a south skewed view of what’s happening in the world, well that’s how it seems to me, being from the north of England and all that. The immediate view is of concrete yards, brick walls, and washing lines, actually quite reminiscent of parts of northern England. If I let my eye wander higher though, I see the tree in my neighbours garden, which has put on a spectacular display of colours during the two and a half months I’ve been here – I just hope it lasts a little longer with the onset of winter, I didn’t really experience summer having moved south. Higher still, I see the town belt, lush, green and large, spanning the whole width and height of the view allowed through the window and between the buildings and rooftops. It is something to be grateful for as the concrete in foreground fades from vision, just for a few seconds.

View from my kitchen.

View from my kitchen.





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