Green Space and Wellbeing

2 08 2008

In the past fifteen years, a number of researchers have been looking into how green space and well being are connected. Apparently there is a strong relationship between green space and both physical and mental well being of urban dwellers. A Dutch study of 10,000 people and their self-reported health found a positive relationship between their health and their proximity to  green space. This relationship was stronger when they looked at housewives and the elderly, and it became stronger again when they looked at lower income people, their self-reported health, and their proximity to green space.

A professor at the University of Michigan has looked into how the natural environment provides experiences that restore a sense of well being to people fatigued from stress.

In a 2003 article entitled The Relationship of Urban Design to Human Health and Condition Laura Jackson asserts ‘At the parcel scale, greenery and access to it visually and physically are the principal keys to health.’

So the next time you drive through the town belt, roll down your window, listen for the birds and think about stopping soon and taking a walk there to benefit your health.





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