Reflections on our first blog

25 09 2008

What began as a look at the town belt has proved to be a rich experience for both Mandy and for me. Our original idea to look closely at a place that was nearby grew into more than that, and we found ourselves interviewing artists, scientists, members of the Amenities Society, Opoho School pupils and their teachers, DCC workers, and neighbours who all care for the town belt in different ways.  It was a wonderful excuse to get out and meet interesting people who are paying attention to the “lungs of the city” as part of their everyday lives. These people are working hard to keep the Town Belt green and clean, and through their efforts, they make others more aware of the green space in the middle of the city of Dunedin.


Spring has sprung

Along the way, we have learned how to edit sound and video, use digital recording devices, and last but truly not least, how to negotiate our way through WordPress. Initially there where many frustrations with all of the tools we had to learn to use, but we now feel confident that we have the skills to blog through any future endeavours without too much turmoil. They are all worthy tools for the communication of science (and art).


We even had a giggle fit one day when we got a lot of hits on our blog! Quite cool.





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